About Dawk


Larry "Dawk" McCarthy

I bought my first SLR camera in early 70's. It was a Canon FTB. I later moved up to the semi-professional A1 with a motor drive and added a number of telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses. These were film cameras and I still have a mess of old photos and negatives in the basement.

Eventually I moved into the world of digital SLR first with the entry level Canon Digital Rebel, later the Canon 30D and more recently, a pair of Canon 5D and a 50D as a back up.. My pride and joy is my Canon 70 - 200 f2.8 zoom, lightning fast but heavy as hell. My every-day lens is a 24 - 105 kit lens.

Accessories include the usual tripods & unipods as well as remote releases, polarizing & neutral density filters and all the stuff that goes along with the digital world of photography.

Adobe Photoshop CC is my main editing program, along with a number of NIK and Aurora filter programs.. As a result, I shoot most of my photography in RAW format, allowing for more creativity in the digital darkroom.

As you can see from the photo albums available, I have a number of areas of interest. Photography is my hobby. By profession, I've been a chiropractor in Etobicoke since 1976. In 2006 I took a certification course in Animal Chiropractic.

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