About Dawk


Larry "Dawk" McCarthy

I bought my first SLR camera in early 70's. It was a Canon FTB. I later moved up to the semi-professional A1 with a motor drive and added a number of telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses. These were film cameras and I still have a mess of old photos and negatives in the basement.

Eventually I moved into the world of digital SLR first with the entry level Canon Digital Rebel, later the Canon 30D and more recently the Canon 5D. My pride and joy is my Canon 70 - 200 f2.8 zoom, lightning fast but heavy as hell. My every-day lens is a 24 - 105 kit lens.  I've since added a Canon 50D to my bag as I hate changing lenses in the field. Sensor dust can be quite a problem sometimes.

Accessories include the usual tripod & unipod as well as an infrared release, polarizing & neutral density filters and all the stuff that goes along with the digital world of photography.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is my photo editing program. As a result, I shoot most of my photography in both RAW and JPG format. This allows more creativity in the "darkroom".

As you can see from the photo albums available, I have a number of areas of interest. My passion for the Blues is combined with my passion for photography. This has allowed my to meet some very interesting people in the local and international blues community. I have a couple of walls full of signed blues photos as well as a couple of CD credits.

My wife's passion is our dogs and dog agility so that gets me out to many events through out the year. I enjoy photographing not only our own canines but the plethora of interesting dog breeds that compete in the events. It pleases me to see a good photo of an athletic dog competing at a high level of competition.

I also enjoy nature photography. My infrared release allows me to set up my camera near our bird feeders and get some great shots without interfering with the natural antics that go on at the feeding stations.

When it comes to family & friends, there is nothing like a candid shot around the pool or the poker table or on the golf course.

Photography is my hobby. By profession, I've been a chiropractor in Etobicoke since 1976. In 2006 I took a certification course in Animal Chiropractic .  I also do stained glass as a hobby so if you need any stained glass for your home or as a gift, please let me know.

If you have any questions or comments about me or my photography, go to the "Contact Us" page. If you are a blues performer and would like your live performance or a recording session photographed, please contact me.