Ordering Photos

All of the photos on this site are Copyright. They are low resolution files. If you are interested in receiving any of Dawk's Photos in full size JPG format, please send an email indicating the photo name and the album name.

To send an email, click here:

As I receive a number of requests for photos, it takes a lot of time to process requests. I do not wish to "sell" my photos but I will ask that a donation (cash or cheque) be sent to cover my time. Donations are strictly voluntary. Suggested donations are:

Single photos: $3.00 each

1 - 10 photos: $3.00 for the first photo, $2.00 for each photo after that.

10 or more photos: "Lets's talk"

My JPG files are usually very large. JPGs up to 10 will be emailed, sometimes in two or three emails. Groups of photos greater than 10 will be put on a CD and mailed to you so please include your mailing address if you are ordering 10 or more photos.

If you are interested in receiving an actual print of a photo, please contact me for more information.

Please send payments to:

Larry McCarthy

20 Hardwood Gate

Toronto, ON, Canada, M9W 4G1

You can also pay me directly the next time you see me.

Again, all photos are Copyright. Written permission is required for any photo that is to be used in any media, including but not limited to; web sites, CD or DVD covers, print advertising. blogs, etc.

RAW files may be available if required. Contact me personally if this, or any other file format is required.

Please note that  photos of a performers are only available to that performer. I may own the copyright to the photo but only the performer owns their likeness.